Some pieces of advice on travelling by car together with a dog

Your dog’s peace of mind while inside a moving vehicle, for example a car, plays an essential role in a successful arrival. Often our pets feel fear while being transported and this could become the reason behind unpleasant moments or accidents on the road. When this happens owners, even while driving, will want to calm their four-legged friend down. This is a prerequisite for road accidents.

How the dog travels in the carIt would be best if your loyal friend keeps its seat inside the car and does not distract the driver conducting the vehicle. To accomplish this situation there are several tips to help you while you are on the road.

In the case of animals that weigh no more than 10 kilograms, it is recommendable to put them inside a transport container that is assembled on the backseat of the car in the movement direction. If the container is smaller and it does not touch the back of the front seat, it would be recommendable to put on a safety belt. Indeed, this is the safest place for the dogs if something happens on the road, for example: abrupt stopping, turning around, hitting a bump in the road, or changing weather conditions (rain /hail). Even in case of an accident or a collision with another object-this is the most save vehicle location for your pest where they will be best protected.

Тransportation of large dogsFor larger dog breeds safety belts are sold in specialized pet stores. These are breastplates covering the dog’s breasts so that they do not cause discomfort. Another idea is the purchase a shot leash so it will be easier and calmly for the dog. This way we limit significantly dog’s free movement inside the vehicle. Because of these attributes it will be more comfortable for the dogs to stay in the same place in the vehicle.

If the dog is larger, it would be a good option to rent a combi car. This way you will be able to put a larger sizes transport container inside the trunk of the car. Nevertheless in this case it is important to open the covers, making your trunk part of your compartment - you will breathe the same air and the temperature would be the same for you and your dog, which will make the ride more pleasant for your dog.

We hope we provided you with useful information about how to transport dogs with you in the car. Look forward to more on the topic of pets and travelling by car in the next blogs published in our website.

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