Some pieces of advice on travelling by car together with Pets

You are about to rent a car and travel together with your dog? In order to enjoy a pleasant and safe trip, it is important to bear in mind some pieces of advice on travelling by car together with a dog that we share with you and we hope they would be useful to you.

One of the main complaints stated by the pet owners is vomiting inside the car. Be it their own vehicle, rent-a-car vehicle or the vehicle of some relative, this is quite unpleasant. It is the most frequent amongst young and adolescent dogs. We could say this is normal physiological process, yet an unpleasant one unfortunately.

In order to prevent or at least cut down vomiting while travelling by vehicle, we should keep up to some basic rules.How to travel with a dog in the car

Firstly, you should not feed the dog at least 12 hours before the planned trip by the car. Make a short walk before getting in the car to make sure it got its bowel movements.

Secondly, drive in smoother way than usual-cut down and increase the movement speed slowly and get in the turns in even smoother manner. The sharp stopping and starting off are among the main irritants.

Keep air temperature lower inside the car compartment.

If the abovementioned preventive measures do not bring about satisfactory result, you could complement them with anti-vomiting syrup. In the human pharmacies you could find a broad range of products for toddlers that are also suitable for dogs. You should consult the pharmacist when it comes to dosage. Always keep wet wipes and napkins handy.

Place the dog in the carAnother common complaint is about stress. Some pets tremble, others whine, another try to hide, and the rest have accelerated salivation. In view of these conditions we recommend the utilization of sedatives. Fortunately there are many modern herbal products that are totally harmless to the dog and sufficiently effective. Most of them are even not taken orally, but are externally applied. These are also used in other situations which are stressful to the dog, such as making firework shows, visiting the vet, and sometimes string storms.

If you are about to travel and you have no car, do not hesitate to take advantage of the services of our rent-a-car company in Sofia. We will help you even with your pets!